Card/Coin Holder

Card/Coin Holder

Card/Coin Holder – Icelandic Salmon Leather
This practical and small wallet has 3 card compartments for up to 14 cards as well as a big pocket with a press fastener where coins and a few bills can be kept.
It is a bit thicker than a plain card holder due to the spacious coin pocket, but therefore compact in width and height.

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W: 11 cm, H: 7.2 cm, Th: 12 mm

– Salmon leather, Iceland
– Vegetable-tanned calf leather, England

Special Craftsmanship
The edge was painted 4 times with caoutchouc colour so the wallet will stay in perfect condition for years and decades.

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Made in Italy and Iceland
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*Every bag is unique and there is no second one alike. Please understand that every fish leather is different, some have a larger patterns, some smaller. There are thicker skins and thinner ones. It will never exactly look like on the picture.